The Beautiful Mess: A Community of Servants being the church

    • We are Biblical, Christ Centered, Transparent, Generous, Sustainable and Love Driven people.
    • We are a family of people who believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.
    • We are dedicated to serving, teaching and growing along side each other so that we may know and love each other more.
    • We are a safe place for people who want to ask questions about God, learn more about God and know God Intimately.
    • We are dedicated to showing the Love of God through Fellowship, Service, Action and in Word.
    • We are partnered with surrounding churches as a place that finds needs in the community and then does our best to meet them.
    • We are the broken
    • We are a refuge for the broken.
    • We are a safe place for anyone and everyone to be built up and loved as Jesus loved.
    • We are a family with open doors to anyone without family.
    • We are Beautiful. - We are also a mess.


    We meet Sundays, 5pm at
    Eugene Evangelical Church
    834 Monroe Street